vKirirom are "nature-friendly Highland Resort & Campus" for everyone. Let's come to enjoy vKirirom.

What is it?

  • 10,000 ha long lease land from Cambodian Government (concession land) for 70years.
  • The new city with combining resort and campus. University will spearhead our development.
  • the city is the place where people who are learning, working, staying would be connected each other.
  • In 20 years, 150,000 people would stay or come and visit here.

Where is it?

  • located at Kirirom national park that is surrounded beautiful pine tree.
  • located 100Km from Phnom Penh,Capital city of Cambodia.
  • it used to be King Sihanouk2nd Home.

How is it?

  • We strive to create once in a lifetime experiences for all visitors.
  • We will be great venture company and take social initiative.
  • We connect people or business concepts or everything to create something new.

Project Description

Concepts : vKirirom pine resort' has the new concept of “Glamping & Villas" for enriching people's life for the future. We aim to provide the atmospheres and location where people can enjoy their stays in the great nature. We try to provide the experience of once in a life time with support of the students or internship from overseas.

Goals : One of our goal is to be no.1 driving& camping facilities of the world and provide the unique and precious experiences to the customers. If we can do that, tourists, internship, company, teachers, everyone come to visit vKirirom even from overseas. We expect 1.7M tourists per annum to visit in future and will be the model case of the resort development and spread our concept all around the world.

Activities : It has been 3 years since vKirirom Pine Resort started. As of now we got the 347,000 like on our face book page for 1 year. We will add more fantastic facilities and attractive place in our resort like stadium and concert hall and crazy activity field. You must visit here again and again because we change everyday every month every year.

Project Description

Concepts : If you are planning to invest in resort house, that is situated away from the city, with great atmosphere, and environment, then vkirirom Resort Home is the place for you. With our innovative and spacious, you'll come home to Kirirom. Our resort house is not only for the rich people, but also for the all people who wants to have their own house in province. Our houses are situated amongst the pine trees and on top of the Kirirom Mountain. We aim to provide people from different walks of life a house that is surrounded by nature's gift. A place where it is peaceful, quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. We hope that Kirirom will be the best place for those who want to lead a slow life on the mountain as well as work there.

Goals : Our resort house is not a just resort house. We will make the community that the people who stay in vKirirom can make their lives much more valuable with the keyword “learning". In future, thousand of people will stay in vKirirom resort house and enjoy their lives.

Activities : This project has just started since September 2015. Many people who want to invest our property have visited to do site inspection of vKirirom every day. We will start the construction to live up to customer’s expectations from now on.

Project Description

Concepts : Kirirom Institute of Technology is an Institute-Industry based approach collaborating with entrepreneurs to act upon the fast changing world of technology. We provide full scholarship to talented Cambodian students who can’t afford to pay tuition fees. With our sponsorship program, the students will have the opportunity to live and work abroad. KIT is the best place to learn the advanced skills and knowledges which is required in the world with higher practical level.

Goals : Our goal is to produce people useful for the future. Presently, the institute offers Software Engineering only, but in a few years we plan to add more courses. We will also be open for other nationalities by 2016 who wish to experience the KIT education approach. Then many world class professors might visit vKirirom to enjoy our resort and to teach for KIT students. We hope KIT students will be able to change their lives and the world.

Activities : KIT was established on Nov 2014. As of now, 22 students who were selected of whole Cambodia have got full scholarship and work hard. They learn the knowledge and skills which is required by the sponsors in the class and then try to output using it as a tools during internship hours. When they started to learn at KIT, most students didn’t understand IT and how to use English at all. But now they have improved a lot so that they can do web development with java programming or implement of ERP using English. It means they are getting to be an international students who great IT companies want to work with. We will try to keep our curriculum fresh following the time and be leading university in Cambodia.